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Patatas bravas

 fried potatoes with spicy sauce


Potatoes gratinated with roquefort sauce

8,90 €

Huevos rotos

Fried egg with Serrano ham, padron pepper and potatoes

9,30 €


2 stew, 2 ham and 2 tuna

7,50 €

Provencal-style breaded squid with tartar sauce

9,10 €

Shrimps in garlic 

9,50 €


fried breaded squid

9,00 €

Torpedos asiáticos

Crispy breaded prawns

9,25 €

Grilled squid with provencal sauce

9,00 €

Meat balls in spicy tomato sauce

6,50 €

Bitterballen (Dutch meat balls) with mustard

6,50 €

Chicken nuggets with ketchup and mayonnaise

8,10 €


Dutch sausage with curry ketchup & mayonnaise

3,60 €

Frikandel special

Dutch sausage filled with mayonnaise, curry ketchup and onion

4,00 €

Selection of cheese platter

9,90 €

Plate of mixed fried Dutch snacks

9,50 €

Pan de ajo

Bread with garlic and cheese 9,-€


Bread with garlic without cheese 7,- €


Main Courses

Argentinian meat

Argentinian fillet of beef

with own choice of sauce

34,50 €

Argentinian entrecote

400 - 450 gr served on a hot stone

31,00 €


National meat

Nacional steak, Argentinian style

900 - 1200gr. served on a hot stone

41,50 €

Entrecote with herbs butter

 450-550 gr. served on a hot stone

26,00 €

Fillet of beef

With choice of sauce

31,00 €

¨Agujas de sabor¨

grilled skewers of pork, beef and vegetables

26,00 €

Hamburguesa del rey

300 gr. Minced Rib-eye on the grill with toasted bread,

cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon

 served with fries

16,00 €

Hamburguesa Café Soles

Double minced rib-eye on the grill with, homemade

Parmesan bread,  fried egg, caramelized onion

Provolone cheese, tomato, lettuce and fries



Chicken and Lam

Chicken fillet

stuffed with spinach with white wine sauce

19,90 €

Chicken curry “Panjabi” style

with basmati rice

14,50 €

New Zealand lamb

with Oporto sauce



Cordón Bleu

Breaded escalope filled with ham and cheese

19,00 €

Escalope Napolitano

Breaded escalope with tomato sauce, ham and cheese

20,00 €

Vienna style escalope

17,00 €

Loin of Pork

with sherry and herbs cream sauce

18,50 €

Pork-almond Curry

with spinach and basmati rice

13,50 €



Grilled fillet of salmon

with basil cream sauce

18,00 €

Grilled fillet of salmon

with spinach and prawns

in a white wine sauce

20,50 €

Grilled Sole

with capers and clam sauce

21,00 €

Monkfish medallions

topped with chilly, onion, garlic and tomatoes,

 Basil, In white wine sauce

25,90 €


Todos los platos de carne se sirven con verduras frescas y patatas asadas. Los platos de pescado se sirven con verduras frescas y arroz. Para otras guarniciones por favor pregunte a nuestro personal.


Rice dishes


Arroz a banda

Bomba rice with squid and seafood

14,00 € p.p

Arroz negro

Bomba rice with squid ink, squid and seafood

14,00 € p.p

Paella Valenciana

Bomba rice with fresh vegetables, pork and chicken

16,50 € p.p

Paella mixta

Bomba rise with fresh vegetables, pork meat, chicken, shrimps and squid

17,00 € p.p

Paella de mariscos

Bomba rise with fresh seafood broth, shrimps, squid, mussels, crawfish and clams

17,50 € p.p

Fideua de Gandía

Noodles with fresh seafood broth, shrimps, crawfish and squid

15,50 € p.p

Fideua de Pato

Noodles with duck, wild mushroom and foie gras

17,50 € p.p


Minimum 2 persons

from 13.00-19.00

Children’s plates


Breaded escalope with French fries and vegetables

8,00 €

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs

7,00 €

Chicken nuggets with French fries and ketchup

7,00 €

Chicken breast with pasta in cream sauce

8,50 €

Children Pizza

Pizza with tomato sauce, ham and mozzarella

7,00 €

Children burger with cheese and French fries

8,00 €


Up to 12 years



Pumpkin soup with coconut milk and fresh ginger

7,00 €

Cream of tomato soup

5,50 €

Creamy lobster soup

9,00 €

Onion soup gratin with cheese

5,50 €

Goulash soup

8,50 €

Fish soup

8,50 €


All soups are served with bread.






Fried Camembert

8,90 €

Carpaccio of beef with capers, arugula and parmesan cheese

11,00 €

Homemade crepe filled with creamy chicken and mushroom ragout gratinated with cheese

8,90 €

Home-made crepe filled with prawn ragout and vegetables gratinated with cheese

9,50 €

Argentinian chorizo and morcilla sausage

with criolla sauce (onion, tomato, garlic, parsley)

9,10 €

Burrata with tomatoes, smoked onion and olive oil

11,00 €

Tartar of fresh salmon with onions, capers and basil

9,50 €

Tartar of fresh tuna with avocado, caviar,

 pickled vegetables, soya and hoisin sauce

10,50 €

Tierra y mar

Roast potatoes with alioli, red prawns and tomato sauce

9,90 €

Verduras a la plancha

Variety of vegetables from the grill with pesto and mozzarella 

8,50 €




Ensalada asiática

Mixed leaf salad with vegetables and prawns sautéed in special soy sauce

11,00 €

Ensalada campo

Mixed salad with tomato, cucumber, peppers, corn, carrot onion, mushrooms and crispy bacon

9,80 €

Ensalada Cesar

Mixed salad with slices of breaded chicken, crispy bacon, croutons, egg and parmesan cheese.

10,90 €

Ensalada del toro

Mixed salad with tomato, red pepper, corn, carrot, onion and juicy pieces of beef sautéed in herb butter

12,00 €

Ensalada Tibia

Mixed leaf salad with tomato, corn, chopped pickles and carrot,

Honey vinegar, nuts and grilled goat cheese


Ensalada Esparta

Mixed salad with tomato, cucumber, peppers, corn, carrot, onion black olives and feta cheese in a garlic oil marinade


Ensalada Hostal Café Soles

Mixed salad with tomato, sweet corn, beansprouts, chopped pickles, carrot, slices of cucumber, spring onion, hard-boiled egg and tuna belly

10,25 €

Ensalada de tomate de la huerta

Tomato with black olives, spring onions and tuna belly

9,90 €

Ensalada mixta

Lettuce with tomato, red pepper, cucumbers, carrots, sweet corn and onions

8,00 €


All salads are served with bread.




Espagueti Diavolo

Spaghetti in a spice garlic tomato sauce

9,90 €

Pasta Pepe

Tagliatelle with slices of beef in mushroom sauce

14,90 €

Penne rigate

With pork tacos, dried tomatoes and fresh pesto

13,50 €

Espagueti Carbonara 

 Spaghetti with guanciale, black pepper, egg, picorino and parmesan cheese

15,00 €

Raviolis vegetarianos

Raviolis stuffed with ricotta, walnuts and spinach with cheese sauce

12,50 €


Pasta filled with ham and cheese, served with tomato sauce

13,00 €

Noodles al wok

Rice noodles with chicken, carrot, bellpepper, courgette, onion, garlic, soja sauce and asian spices

14,50 €

Tagliatelle del mar

Tagliatelle with salmon tacos and shrimp in

creamy dill sauce

13,50 €


With tomato sauce, tuna, arugula and black olives served in garlic bread

11,50 €





Chocolate coulant with icecream and whipped cream

7,50 €

Coulant de calabaza con chocolate

Pumpkin coulant with chocolate served with icecream and whipped cream

8,00 €

Fried banana

with honey, vanilla ice cream and whipped cream

10,50 €

Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate-Amaretto sauce

9,50 €

Vanilla ice cream with hot cherries 

10,50 €

Crêpe with “dulce de leche” (creamy toffee sauce) or Nutella

8,90 €

Crêpe with vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate-Amaretto sauce

9,50 €

Carpacho de piña

Thin sliced pineaple with mango sorbet and red fruit sauce

9,50 €

Coupe Buenos Aires

Vanilla ice cream with dulce de leche liqueur, crispy almonds and whipped cream

11,50 €

Coupe Chiquita

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream with avocado liqueur, banana and whipped cream

11,50 €


Every day there will be homemade cakes available. Please ask our staff for today´s choice. Thank you.

Take away

965 781 980

Choice of sauce

-Red wine and dried tomato

-Wild mushroom

-Green pepper

l´exquisit mediterrani
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